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Peng Jin Lab

DNA Modifications

Human Diseases

Repeat Instability

Noncoding RNA

RNA Modifications

Our Goal

Epigenetic regulation, including DNA methylation and histone modification, play significant roles in mammalian development and human diseases. It has been proposed that epigenetic modulations could serve as an intermediate process that imprints dynamic environmental experiences on the “fixed” genome, resulting in stable alterations in phenotype. RNAs are an integral component of chromosomes and contribute to their structural organization. RNAs can regulate gene expression at many levels and by using an array of mechanisms. The genome project has shown that at least 93% of analyzed human genome nucleotides are transcribed in different cells, with similar findings for the mouse and other eukaryotes, indicating that there may be a vast reservoir of biologically meaningful RNAs that could far exceed the ~1.2% encoding proteins. The long-term goal of our research group is to combine various disciplines (genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, human genetics/genomics, and bioinformatics) to understand the roles of epigenetics and noncoding RNAs in human diseases, particularly neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.


Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Human Genetics
Chair, Department of Human Genetics

Director, Emory Stephen T. Warren National Fragile X Research Center

Peng Jin,Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Peng Jin received his doctorate degree in Molecular and Developmental Biology from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital/the University of Cincinnati, and postdoctoral training at Emory University.


At Emory, Dr. Jin is interested in the roles of noncoding RNAs and epigenetic modulation in neural development and brain disorders. Dr. Jin is the recipient of Beckman Young Investigator Award, Basil O’Connor Scholar Research Award, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience, and NARSAD Independent Investigator Award.


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April 07, 2020

Jin Lab Donations to Emory Healthcare

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jin lab has donated N95 1860 face masks, powder-free gloves, surgical face masks, and goggles to help Emory Healthcare workers!


May 1, 2019

15th Anniversary!

On May 1st, we celebrate the lab's 15th anniversary!


April 23, 2019

Hyerim Kim Ph.D. Defense

Hyerim Kim successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations!

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